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How Important are Keywords to SEO?

The potential is huge for those people or companies looking to expand their “brand” across the world, yet people are still hesitant to produce content. There is a huge investment for most people if they just put forth the effort in finding a local search engine optimisation consultant. This specialist will do all the statistical research needed to know which keywords are most used by people and the ones used (or not used) by their competition. Indeed, without this preliminary search, companies risk producing content with keywords that nobody is looking for. It could be that the keywords used are not as strong as the ones used by competitors. Opportunities need to be analyzed on a statistical basis, which requires expertise.

To attract the attention of many visitors, a website must be focused on a specific theme, which will be the theme of the entire website. The different pages of the website should fit within this general theme. Each page will focus on keyword specific. But, what is a keyword?

Experts describe a keyword as a single word or combination of words used by someone to do a search on Google (or another search engine). For example, a person looking for hotels in San Felipe could type the following words into Google to search: “San Felipe Hotel”. “San Felipe Hotel” is, from the perspective of Google, a single keyword, which represents one research intention, although the keyword in question is composed of two words. This keyword could also consist of 3 words or 4 words, or even more; the idea is that it is specific research with a keyword that consists of one or more words.

It is, therefore, essential to the SEO process that people choose which keyword a web page or a blog post will be centered on before writing. And of course, ideally, people have to choose a keyword that is the subject of many searches in search engines and for which there is no saturation of quality web pages. In short, choose a keyword that is in awesome demand and ensures the competition is not too strong. Choosing a reputable expert is the best way to guarantee quality work and optimal positioning.